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LCA - Agent


LCA - Agent




















LeatherCom.Au's - Agent , Help and Download link        

LCA-Agent is a small program designed to alert you to new offers or requests that are 
being made over LeatherCom.Au's leather trading boards. 

LCA-Agent can be downloaded here and installed - FREE of  charge.   
Download it now and stay connected to the largest leather B2B network in the world.....

What does LCA-Agent do?
LCA-Agent runs in the Windows system tray and checks with LeatherCom.Au's server (at 
selected intervals) for all active topics (all posted offers or requests for that particular day). 
It then flashes a small icon in Windows system tray (near windows clock) and alerts you 
to new offer or requests that are being made by other members of the site, offers or requests 
you might not be aware of, yet should be. 

Clicking the program's icon in the system tray will then open a small window containing a full 
list of "Today's active topics". You can then click any offer or request you might like to read 
and respond to it immediately.

Simply put, think of it as your personal agent at LeatherCom.Au. Your direct link to the 
market place where thousands of other leather professionals communicate and trade goods 
on a daily basis. Responding to offers or placing requests is now only one click away.

Where can I download LCA-Agent ? how do I install it ?
Click here to download and install the program on your computer. Select to Save the 
downloaded file to desktop and after download is complete ( about 20 minutes over a 
56K modem connection) double click the downloaded file to start the installation. 

To run the program, click it's shortcut  icon located on Windows Desktop or under 
Windows Start - Programs menu.
[ click here to download LCA - Agent ]

How doe's the program work?
The program will run automatically when you start windows (this setting is optional). 
You will then see a small icon in windows system tray (near windows clock). See Fig 1.



Fig 1.


It then connects to LeatherCom.Au (if your computer is online) and query the server for 
"Today's active topics" posted at LeatherCom.Au. If there are any new offers or requests 
for that particular day then the program will pop a small window on the bottom right corner 
of your screen (see Fig 2a.), or flash the icon in system tray (depending on your 'Options
settings) whenever it detects new topics, topics that you are not already aware of (See 
Fig. 2a & 2b). Thus, enabling you to quickly respond to new offers or requests. 



Fig 2a. (Pop-up window option)

  Fig 2b.   (Flashing icon option)



Left clicking the icon in system tray at any time will bring up the small window (see Fig 2a.)
and will display all of "Today's active topics" at LeatherCom.Au trading boards. To directly 
respond to an offer simply click the offer subject line. To post your own offer or request simply 
press the "Post Offer/Request" button (as shown on Fig 2a.) Pressing the "Reload" will over-ride 
the refresh timing sequence and will reload (query the server again for "Today's active topics").

To browse all topics posted at a specific trading board simply click the board name from the
list ( see Fig 2a.). 
[ click here to download LCA - Agent ]

To post your own offer or request press the "Post Offer/Request" button (see Fig 2a.) or right
click the icon in system tray and select "Post an Offer or Request" from the menu (see Fig. 3b.).



Fig. 3a.



Fig. 3b.



Setting the program options:       [ click here to download LCA - Agent ]
Click the "Options" button (see Fig. 3a.) or right click the system tray icon (see Fig. 3b.
and select "Options" from the menu. This will bring up the options screen (Fig. 4.)



Fig. 4.


The program is installed with most important options already selected by default. 
However, you can change the setting and elect to not "Load the program at startup". 
You will then need to manually load the program from the shortcut on desktop or from 
Windows START-PROGRAMS in order to connect.  
[ click here to download LCA - Agent ]

LCA-Agent (by default ) will pop up a small window (as shown in Fig. 2a. above) 
whenever detecting new topics, those that you are not already aware of. However, 
you can elect for the program to flash the icon in system tray instead (as seen in 
Fig. 2b. above) by removing the tick from "Pop up window automatically" located on 
the options screen. You then need to left click the icon in system tray whenever 
flashing in order to load the topics window (as seen in Fig. 2a. above)

Please note: the program will not be able to communicate with the server if the icon
is not present in windows system tray (the program is off) or if your computer is offline 
(not connected to the internet).    
[ click here to download LCA - Agent ]