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Highlighting your offer
at LeatherCom.Au can
increase exposure to 
your products and 
services online by 
800% to 1000%. 



How do I place my offer in the HIGHLIGHTS box ?
It is as easy as filling out  the application form (below) with your offer
details and paying the required service fee.  [ Highlight your offer now ]

How much does this service cost?
US$185.00  for each offer/ad posted in the
HIGHLIGHTS box (top header section of almost every page on LeatherCom.Au). See picture below:


How long will my offer be displayed?
For a period of 40 days across the entire LeatherCom.Au network. (in the header section of almost every page. Approx 10,000 pages online).
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Who is expected to view my offer ?
More than 3000 viewers per day from all sectors of  the leather industry world wide.  Tanneries, leather goods producers, agencies, merchants, leather retail outlets etc. your advertisement will receives a considerable amount of exposure to thousands of viewers that log on to the site daily.  It then translates to enquiries, new business leads and yes NEW ORDERS. [ Highlight your offer now  ]

Any other promotional services at LeatherCom.Au?
Yes, you might also want to check our B2B Newsletter  which we send twice per month to our subscribers database of more than 15,000 leather industry members world wide (all sectors of the industry). [ Highlight your offer now  ]


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